William (Bill) Mantel

Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation

As a former Director and Assistant Deputy Minister with the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, Bill led the design and implementation of many high-impact programs; Ontario’s innovation system including the creation of its 18 regional innovation centers, Ontario’s partnership and development role in the MaRS Discovery District, Communitech, the Ottawa Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards, McMaster Innovation Park, Sarnia Research Park,  Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Clinical Trial Ontario, Compute Ontario, Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the Vector Institute, the Ontario Brain Institute, the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, Green Centre Canada, as well as numerous research parks and accelerators that make up Ontario’s globally recognized innovation system.

Many of these initiatives were built at the intersection of Ontario’s public health care and cancer treatment systems, and so Bill was often immersed in the complex tradeoffs between health care, drug, innovation and economic development policies.