Nicole DeKort

President & CEO of Medtech Canada

Nicole DeKort is the President & CEO of Medtech Canada – the industry association representing Canada’s Medical Technology Companies – pursuing opportunities to demonstrate the value of innovative medical technology to government, stakeholders, and key partners in the health care system.

She previously served for 10 years as the Vice-President of Ontario & Marketing for Medtech Canada, overseeing Ontario government relations and national marketing programs for the association. During COVID-19 – among other initiatives – Nicole worked with her colleagues to launch which highlights the vast impact the medical technology has had in response to the pandemic, and also highlights the tremendous role that the medical technology industry is playing to help address the medical services backlogs in Canada.

Prior to joining Medtech Canada, Nicole has a 15-year background in politics and government in a diverse portfolio of roles. Nicole’s last role in government prior to joining Medtech Canada was serving as the Executive Director of Strategic Planning for the then Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.
Nicole serves on the Board of Directors for Yellow Brick House, which provides shelter and support services for abused families and victims of gender-based violence in York Region. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Life Sciences Ontario.

Twitter: @nicole_dekort