Michelle Quinlan

Research Family Leader Program Coordinator at CHEO

Michelle Quinlan joined CHEO-RI in November 2017 as the Research Family Leader Program Coordinator.  She brings with her more than 15 years of experience as a business consultant and in project management, in addition to her in-depth experience as a parent involved with CHEO and CHEO RI.

Her ten year old daughter Avery has been receiving medical care and therapy at CHEO since her birth and through the Care for Rare program Avery’s rare condition was discovered. Michelle oversees the Research Family Leader Program at CHEO-RI, which is an inaugural program. Michelle onboards Family Leaders to become Research Project Reviewers and Research Project Advisors on the research team. Michelle is also the chair of the CHEO-RI Patient and Family Advisory Committee. Michelle hopes to increase understanding and collaboration between patients, families and researchers and develop a fulsome way for families and patients to help drive the direction of research.