Michelle Oana

Director of Development and Community Relations, Myeloma Canada

Michelle has a very personal connection to myeloma. Her father Richard Oana, who passed away in December 2015, was a myeloma patient for over eight years. Richard was honoured to serve as a member of the Myeloma Canada Board of Directors for several years and was unwavering in his resolve to help advance the cause. Her father’s strength, determination, and resilience over eight years inspired Michelle in many facets of her life and led her to discover her passion for philanthropy. Bringing to the table her experience in development, marketing, project management and philanthropy, Michelle is committed to making myeloma matter by contributing to the collective goal of advancing education, advocacy, research, awareness and community empowerment for multiple myeloma. Passing the torch from father to daughter, Michelle feels privileged in her role not only to honour her father’s legacy, but to be able to help patients and families living with the disease across the country.