Day 1 Morning

Three Decades of Transforming Care through Clinical Trials

Keynote: Ontario’s Dr. Frances Shepherd, 2018 Gairdner Wrightman Award Winner, shares her experience leading more than 100 paradigm-shifting cancer trials and the critical role they play in advancing patient care.

Clinical Trials: What the Future Holds

Keynote: Living with a chronic disease, Futurist, Digital Strategist and frequent CBC contributor Jesse Hirsh shares how new technology can impact clinical trials and empower patients and the public to move science further, faster.

Health Science: Our Greatest Economic Opportunity? 

In this panel discussion, leaders from industry, digital health and research organizations discuss how we can do more to unlock the economic potential of Ontario’s health and life sciences sector.

Day 1 Afternoon

Institutional Transformations to Support Clinical Trials 

Hear real-world case studies of institutional transformation to better support clinical research from speakers including Drew Memmott, Senior Vice President for Research Administration at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Lisa Goos, Director of Clinical Research Services at SickKids.

Regulatory Changes and Clinical Trials in Canada: Plans and Possibilities 

Dr. Carole Légaré, Director for the Office of Clinical Trials at Health Canada shares recent regulatory changes and plans for the future, followed by updates from the Life-Saving Therapies Network from John-Peter Bradford.

Keeping the Science Ahead of Me: Perspectives on Clinical Trials 

Health research isn’t a luxury. For many, it’s a necessity. Hear perspectives on the critical need for ongoing clinical research and how we, as a clinical trials community, can best support the development of, and access to, better therapies for patients.

Day 2 Morning 

Think Big: Applying Emerging Technologies to Improve Public Health Outcomes

Keynote: Michael Jackson, Leader, Public Health & US Elections, Amazon Web Services Healthcare, shares his recent project and success combating the Opioid Epidemic collaboratively using data to improve public health.

The Data Revolution: How AI, Technology and Real-World Evidence are Transforming Clinical Trials 

Digital health pioneers and AI experts share perspectives on the clinical trials of tomorrow, and how we can start moving forward today.

  • Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, Health & Wellness, Ogilvy Consulting
  • Brad Millson, Sr. Principal, Health Access and Outcomes, IQVIA Canada
  • Wout Brusselaers, CEO & Founder, Deep 6 AI

Ethics Issues with Pragmatic Clinical Trials  

A bioethicist, statistician and pragmatic clinical trial expert discuss methodological and ethical challenges in the context of real-world pragmatic cluster randomized trials in orthopaedic trauma.

  • Charles Weijer,  Professor, Canada Research Chair in Bioethics at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University
  • Monica Taljaard, Senior Scientist, Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Sheila Sprague, Assistant Professor Department of Surgery, McMaster University

Day 2 Afternoon

Borrowing from Ethics: The Evolution of Privacy in Research

Keynote: Privacy isn’t a barrier. Kris Klein, Partner at nNovation LLP, shares how doing privacy properly can be an enabler to getting to valuable results, drawing on examples of ethical research using personal health information.

Collaboration as a Foundation for Stronger Clinical Trials 

Collaboration is key enabler of more efficient trials, better methods for patient and public engagement and ultimately, greater impact. Hear from speakers including Dr. Mark Clemens, Clinical Investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and Dr. Shoo Lee, Scientific Director for Child and Youth Health at CIHR’s Institute of Human Development.